Karneval der Kulturen

It’s definitely one of Berlin’s cultural highlights of the year. Celebrating its ethnic diversity since 1995, this event brings out into the streets people from all nations for a four day long playlist of live music, dance and great entertainment.

Berlin’s international population is booming. The estimated number of its citizens with a foreign passport is astounding 450.000 inhabitants. Out of the 3.5 millions, many have a mixed ethnical background.The political unification of the East and the West brought about changes. As a result of these mostly economical changes, social and cultural conflicts and differences started to become more and more apparent, creating tensions within Berlin’s blooming society. The biggest challenge of the newly formed communities was to merge but maintain – their cultural identity within the face of rising prejudices which became part of a public discussion at the time.Coincidentally, throughout this turbulent time period, Berlin found itself in the center of artistic attention – musicians streamed into the city contributing to its diverse flavor and richness and to its open-minded spirit.

The Carnival of Cultures has become an essential event to Berlin’s rich background variety and its growing communities. They see it as a challenge, as an open invitation to recognize the culture of their origin on an international platform while redefining their own views on their cultural identity. They must not be at odds as the Carnival attempts to prove every year. And we dare say succesfully.

When: 17-20.5.2013

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