genius travel tips

best travel tips

We have come across many useful (and not so useful..) travel tips, but here’s the our top 5 most genius travel tips. Courtesy of our super friendly, helpful and handsome Amstel House Hostel staff.

  1. Charge your mobile phone or iPad super fast by putting them on flight modus.
  1. If you’re travelling abroad without an international mobile plan, load your Google maps of the area before you leave. Turn off dataroaming when you arrive and your GPS will still be good to go.

  1. Put a couple of nice smelling dryer sheets in between your clothes. Keeps them fresh longer. Our research department also says it significantly boosts your market value at the bar.
  1. Roll your clothes instead of folding, it will save loads of space and keeps them unwrinkled longer!
  1. Scan important travel documents like passports, itineraries, tickets, visa, credit cards etc and e-mail the mto yourself before leaving.