Must Pack Travel Medical Kit

travel medical kit essentialsThis is one that first time travellers often overlook so we thought we’d give you a quick hand with preparing the must pack travel medical kit.  Because travelling is so much more fun when you’re healthy and feel energized! Please note we will only cover the essentials as there are too many variables to create a fixed list for everyone’s health situation, travel duration and destination.

Destination check
If you are travelling to Berlin or road tripping in a first world country, chances are that you will not need to pack much as there will be a pharmacy or drugstore nearby at all times. But if you are backpacking or camping in a more remote region, you will have to pack a more extensive medical kit that will get you by in case of an emergency.

Unique allergies
If you have allergic reactions to certain types of food, insect bites or medicine, you might want to consider to wear a bracelet with a medical alert. Also, take a letter from your doctor explaining the required treatment.


Multi vitamins – Jetlags, a not so healthy diet and bacteria galore; your body can use a little boost when travelling. For instance, vitamin B1 to stop the mozzies from loving your blood, vitamin C to help ease a cold or flue, and a little iron, vitamin D and magnesium to boost your energy levels. The list goes on, all the way to Z for Zinc.

Band-aids, bandages and blister strips – all minor cuts and blisters are quickly relieved by a band-aid, bandage or a blister strip.

Antibacterial Cream – for small cuts and insect bites antibacterial cream (think Germolene) is a great first aid to carry and prevent infections.

Pain killers – for the odd headache (or hangover…)

Anti Diarrhea medication – These can be lifesavers when travelling to destinations where water and food are less than fresh.

Water purification tablets – if you’re in a destination where drinking water is not clean and you want to prevent the above…

Motion sickness pills – if you tend to get nauseous on boat, plain or car rides, these are a must have.

Condoms – be safe, not sorry, include condoms in your medical kit

Tools: Always include a set of tweezers, scissors, a thermometer and a safety pin in your travel medical kit. They are small to carry and always come in handy.

Use sachets instead of bottles or tubes, they come flat packed and take up less space.

Use lens boxes to carry your gels or creams. You can close them properly and they take up little space.

Ask your doctor or pharmacy for travel size or (depending on the duration of your trip) a sample package of your medication. Again; space savers!