TRAVEL GREEN – reduce your carbon footprint

travel sustainable

It’s almost World Earth Day so it’s time to celebrate nature and get Mother Nature’s approval tick for your adventures. Make eco-friendly choices when you travel. Here’s how to travel green and reduce your carbon footprint every step of your journey. 

The largest part of your personal footprint is dominated by your transport; long haul flights and car and bus rides. Here’s how you can reduce the emissions:

  • Pack light. We shared some tips on how to pack light and gave you some space saving tips. Every kilo added to a plane or car makes them use more fuel, hence packing light is the (green) way to go!
  • When renting a car, check Hertz’s Green Traveler option. They offer electric and hybrid cars.
  • Carpool with other travellers with Uberpool or buses and walk or use bikes whenever possible. Biking around town is the perfect way to see the city and it helps to burn those calories you pick up on the way. Triple win! The Amstel House Hostel Berlin has bikes available for its guests! A walking tour by locals is also a great way to see the city’s hidden gems and meet fellow travellers. The Amstel has regular walking tours. Check our calendar upon arrival.
  • When you fly, you can offset the exact carbon dioxide emissions of your trip. There are special programs like Native Energy that fund activities to convert CO2 for oxygen.
  • When flying, fly during the day and try to reduce the number of flights by travelling direct.

Don’t buy plastic disposable water bottles. Refill your water bottle at the water coolers that are now often provided at airports, museums and other public places.  Also, bring a reusable coffee cup. You’ll look extra cool and help reduce polluting plastic lids and disposable cups.

Choose your food wisely.  Go easy on the BBQ. The meat industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Visit the local farmer’s market and organic supermarkets and restaurants. The food is better, fresher and doesn’t travel far. When doing your own groceries (you might want to check our backpacker recipes for inspiration…), bring your own big bag so you can skip the plastic bags.  These Dutch Design bags are our absolute favourite; they are super durable, weigh nothing, fold easily and look equally fancy on the beach as on the market.

Even inside the hostel you can earn green brownie points. Take short showers, turn off the lights when you’re not using them, bring your own shampoo and soap, reuse towels and open a window rather than turning on the airco. This all helps reduce electricity usage thus reducing emissions.  At the Amstel House Hostel Berlin we have several initiatives to reduce the carbon emissions; all lighting is energy-efficient, we stimulate green transportation by providing bikes and we are in the midst of creating our own lush garden paradise to turn some CO2 into clean, fresh Berlin air!