Family trip in summer 2020

Family holiday in summer 2020
Photo: Visit Berlin | © FEZ Berlin

Berlin: the best travel destination for this summer vacation

Planning the family vacation? There are some crucial points to consider this year. The best destinations this summer are those that offer easy access, sanitary safety, and plenty of open air. And of course, in the midst of this crisis, the cheaper the better. By combining culture and nature, Berlin is undoubtedly among the best family travel options for this summer 2020. We list it the reason why.


1- Berlin Zoo & Tierpark

Nothing like animals to entertain the children. The Berlin Zoo contains the greatest variety of species in the world. There are more than 20,000 animals in a 33-hectare giant area where elephants, giraffes, pandas and many more live. On the other side of the city is Tierpark, the largest animal park in Europe. With a somewhat different concept, here children can experience their favourite animals very closely.


2- Open air culture

Berlin offers a bustling cultural agenda in the open air. Outdoor cinemas and museums, operas and theatres in public squares, concerts on balconies and festivals in parks – also with children’s programs. Berlin is still breathing art – except now it prefers it accompanied by lots of fresh air.

3- Green capital of Europe

We’ve talked about this in the past post. 46% of Berlin’s territory is green or covered by water. There are over 2500 public parks and 3000 lakes. In other words, there’ s plenty of easy accessible nature here for a day of guaranteed family fun.


4- All roads lead to Berlin

No matter where you come from, it’s always uncomplicated getting to Berlin. Whether by land or by sky, with planning or spontaneously, there are connections in abundance and at friendly prices. If you’re coming by car, don’t forget to buy the environmental sticker, mandatory for cars circulating in the city centre.


5- Family rooms at incredible prices

Hostels like Amstel House not only offer a comprehensive hygiene protocol, but also special rooms for the family at super low prices. Equipped with two single beds, a bunk bed and a private bathroom, they are the best and cheapest option for family accommodation in Berlin.


6- The perfect family photo

To arrive at that beautiful place, so loaded with tourists that it is not possible to take even a single good picture. Who’s never been there? Berlin is living one of its quietest summers. Famous postcards, like the Brandenburg Gate, are far less crowded. Perfect for taking that family photo that will stay forever.


7- Family bike tours

No matter what age, riding a bike is fun for the whole family. Especially when the scenario is Berlin. The capital offers several bike tours for the family. An easy and fun way to get to know the sights. Also the surroundings of Brandenburg are full of bike paths through nature, with restaurants, campsites and lakes along the way.