best currywurst stalls in berlin

Iconic, experimental, cheap, tasty and a bit odd. Berlin’s favourite street food – the currywurst – could only have been invented in experimental Berlin. The legendary tale goes something like this; on a chilly September day in 1949, snack bar owner Herta Heuwer traded a bottle of alcohol (or Worcestershire sauce, depending on which anecdote your read) for curry powder with a couple of British soldiers.  She mixed the curry with her ketchup recipe and poured it over a sliced grilled sausage. The world famous currywurst recipe was born.  Today, more than 800 million currywursts are consumed each year in Germany, of which 70 million in Berlin.

Where to find the best currywurst in Berlin? The Amstel House has got your hungry backs with our top list of where to sink your teeth in the best Berliner currywurst.

Curry Baude
One of our personal favourites and possibly the freshest and best currywurst in Berlin and beyond. At Curry Baude, everything is homemade and fresh. You taste the difference in the delicious sausage and the chunky sauce, filled with real tomatoes.

Badstraße 1-5

Curry 66
This currywurst stall is a favourite among food critics. It’s the balance of flavours and offers a ‘bio wurst’, a subtle organic wurst that bursts with flavour.

Grünberger Str. 66

Zur Bratpfanne
One of the most popular Currywurst joints in town so don’t be surprised if there’s a queue. They are famous for their juicy and tasty bite.

An der Thronpost 10a

Westin Grand
If you want to try a fancier currywurst, go for the chef’s special version served with a glass of champagne at the Westin Grand.

Also a favourite for many Berliners, according to many food critics Konnopke cooks up one of the juiciest and best currywursts in Berlin and they get the sauce just right.

Schönhauser Allee 44B

Schmidt’s Imbiss
This family run business has been cooking up their famous currywurst since before you were born. You can find them at their Imbiss near S-Lichterfelde, but closer by you can find them at the JFK Platz in Schöneberg on the Tuesday and Friday market.

John F Kennedy Platz, Schöneberg

Curry Mitte
The ideal location for a currywurst joint. Besides it being a tasty value for money, the location and its opening hours makes the currywurst and ideal in between meals snack, a snack to accompany your drinks, a lunch or dinner snack or an after party snack!

Torstraße 122

Curry & Chili
If you are the spicy type, definitely have your currywurst here. They have different varieties of spicy sauces so depending on what you can handle, work your way up the spicy ladder ^_*

Osloer Str.