easy backpacker recipes – healthy summer soup

easy backpacker recipes healthy summer soupYou must have heard of the cold Spanish tomato soup called ‘gazpacho’, but less known is its thicker Andalusian brother ‘salmorejo’, usually topped with cured ham and egg. Combine with a glass of chilled white wine, and Spain suddenly becomes very close. The best thing is that it is super easy to make, and moreover a great way to use up your bread left overs. Because the soup tastes best when it is super cold, we recommend to make the soup on a lazy afternoon or the night before so it can really chill down in the fridge.

PS! As this soup is super super healthy, this recipe is no summer exclusive. Indulge you winter immune system with this shot of power food!

INGREDIENTS (serves 4)
ripe tomatoes, 1 kg
garlic, 2 toes
Stale white bread, 200 gr, soaked for 10 min in water
Quality olive oil, 10 tbsp
(Red wine) vinegar, 2 tbsp
sugar, 1 ts
Pepper and salt, to taste
3 eggs, boiled for 7 min.
100 gr good quality (Spanish) cured ham, like jamon Iberico

With a sharp knife, you make a cruciform incision at the bottom of every tomato.

Pour boiling water over them and let stand for 15 min and remove their skins and seeds.

Mix tomatoes with bread and garlic in a blender. While blending, add olive oil, vinegar and sugar.

Add salt and pepper to taste and put in the fridge to chill for at least 2 hours.

Before serving, cut the ham in thin slices, finely chop the boiled eggs and mix together. Top the soup with this mixture, a bit of extra pepper and sprinkle with olive oil.