TRAVEL SLOW APPS – apps that help you fully enjoy the journey

apps that help you fully enjoy the journeyOk, we admit, it’s a bit of a contradiction. A screen free travel day would seem so much more ‘slow’. But hear us out. It’s possible to more fully immerse in the joys of travel with the help of these ‘travel slow apps‘. Ignore the whatsapp, e-mail and instagram apps. Turning off their notifications and swiping these apps to the last page of your screen for the duration of your holiday helps big time! Now, let us introduce you to some amazing features and apps that will have you appreciate your surroundings more, live in the moment, make real connections and all that’s good for your beautiful adventurous travel body and soul!

PlantNet – Shazam for plants
Let’s start with our favourite one. Amstel House Hostel being in the green mood and all. The PlantNet app is like the Shazam for flora and fauna. See a green gem or pretty bloom but wondering what the name is? This app will tell you!

Spotted By Locals – the local’s perspective
Get away from the busy touristy places and get down and local. Nothing but handpicked gems and curated city guides by the people who know best; local writers and photographers in over 70 cities around the world. This travel app helps you find the best local food, drinks, art, culture, shopping, and places to stay. Download your next destination and it will be available for use offline.

Asana Rebel- keep fit and inspired
If you’re traveling, it can be hard to squeeze in a good work out. Asana Rebel to the rescue! This is sometimes the only app we open during travelling! It sets you back about 5 euros a month but it opens up to a world of yoga inspired work outs that will get you fit and energized for adventures to come. Beach body program? Relaxation Yoga? Morning glory yoga? It’s like a personal yoga teacher coming along with you.

Strut – open up your world!
Imagine the world is made up of tiny little tiles. Billions of them. And every time you visit a place, that tile opens op. Strut offers a game of exploration to uncover the earth. Only counts when you travel slow (walk / sail / drive / hot air balloon rides / wander / bike). Flying over a tile at the speed of 800 km/h doesn’t count. It tracks where you’ve been and inspires you to take new routes. You can compete with others and the best thing is that it’s done while your phone stays in your pocket.

Stepz – track your steps
You’ll be amazed at how much distance you cover by foot when traveling. Download the Stepz app so you can keep track of the number of steps you took during a day, even tracks number of steps on stairs. A Daily fitness routine. Inspires to walk the extra mile and wander around more, taking it slow!

Moment – reduce screen time
This is definitely one to start during travels and continue in your daily life! The Moment app tracks your screen time automatically and helps you reduce the time you spend on your phone. So seeing which apps you use most and for how long can be a real eye opener. Set limits, start monitoring when you travel and keep up the good work when you return.