Berlin Travel Vouchers

3 years validity | crazy prices for your friendly support

As most local business, the Amstel House is currently facing its biggest challenge in 15 years of existence. But we are ready to act, and learn and make sure to provide you with the most stylish and fun stay in Berlin for at least another 15 years. To ease the impact caused by the coronavirus, we have created a promotional series of different and irresistible Berlin Travel Vouchers – VALID FOR UP TO THREE YEARS! You buy it now, but get to use it whenever you want. We are offering super friendly prices for those supporting us at this time. Take a look! From Berlin, with love.


The advantage: You buy your voucher now and get your service for the agreed price, regardless of the prices that will apply in the future (only exception: the night before, on and after the turn of the year), even on dates in high demand. Should the current price be lower than the price of the voucher, you can have the difference charged, for example, at our bar or for the breakfast buffet.
We offer super friendly prices for those who support us during this time. Have a look! From Berlin, with love.

Berlin Travel Vouchers Backpacker

Backpacker Voucher 29 EUROS * 3 nights for 1 person

travel voucher berlin weekend

A weekend for 2 Voucher 59 EUROS * 2 nights for 2 people

travel voucher berlin family

Family Voucher 69 EUROS * 2 nights in a family room

travel voucher friends summer

Friends Summer Fun Voucher 79 EUROS * 2 nights for 4 people

travel vouchers new years eve berlin

New year’s Eve Voucher 89 EUROS * 3 nights for 1 person in 4bed Dorm

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