Berlin with teens

Best Berlin with teens

Berlin is a perfect city trip destination for teens. Although teenagers can be tough to please, Berlin offers plenty of great experiences that cannot be found on their phone screen. We welcome many teens in the Amstel House every year and know the most exciting attractions in town. So let us show you the best Berlin with teens. Although some culture is involved, your teenagers will have to admit they had an awesome time! Program sorted? Scroll down for some tips on stress free travelling with teens to any destination.



Berlin places teens will love


Berlin Wall

One of Berlin’s must see things is the Berlin Wall. The history, the graffiti, all of it. We love to recommend the bike tour with teens. You can swoosh from highlight to highlight in no time and it keeps it interesting.



When it comes to WWII, Berlin has been the centre of it all. Learn all about WWII from a local Berlin tour guide. Find a tour guide via With Locals or AirBnB Experiences and get a private tour catered to teens. Where did Hitler spend his last days? What happened at Brandenburg Gate? And what did it mean to live in Berlin during the war?


Go Underground

Berlin’s U-Bahn is wonderful, but here we mean really ‘Underground’. Berlin is famous for its underground scene. So do some research, ask our friendly staff or book a not so touristy tour and visit some of Berlin’s famous bunkers.


The perfect picture

If there are no perfect pictures to show for it, you haven’t been to Berlin. At least not when you’re 16. So be cool, and integrate a few instagrammable Berlin highlights in your schedule. Thank us later!


Most original group tours

Travelling to Berlin with a school group? We gave some tips for original programs in Berlin for groups of teens here.


Tips for stress free travelling with teens


Involve them

Once you chose Berlin as your travel destination, be sure to involve your teens in the itinerary. Let them explore and make suggestions for the program. You might hear of hip new stuff that you would have missed otherwise. And your teenager feels part of the trip before even getting started. Win win!


Pick the right accommodation

While staying at a luxurious hotel sounds great to most of us, for teens this is booooring. When picking your accommodation, check if there are nice facilities for them. Facilities like a play room with pool table and ping pong are nice. And so is a lobby where they can meet people their own  age. Chances are you’ll find this setting at a hostel sooner than at a hotel. So do everyone a favour and check Berlin’s friendliest hostel for your next Berlin trip with teens.


Set up rules

Before heading off to Berlin, agree on some ground rules. Like spending at least 3 hours a day with a smile on your face, never leave your baggage unattended and stick together.


Give space

Give. The. Space. Let them wander a part of the city by themselves. Give them some money and a phone and agree to meet up later.


Allow for some tech

After a day of sightseeing, give your teen an hour to chill. Let them update their Instagram stories with 300 selfies. After all, Berlin is a great backdrop. And let them chat with their friends back home. Again, best for all.


Be flexible

Book tickets to your favourite shows and attractions to avoid queues, but leave a little room for spontaneous things. Don’t over-schedule, it works on the teen’s allergy buttons. In between activities, go with the flow. Best for everyone!


Let them sleep in

Ok, they used to wake up at the crack if dawn. But now their brains need all the sleep they can get. So don’t start your tour at 8 am. So allow for a little sleep in, after all it’s a holiday for them as well.


Avoid hangry

Besides sleep, teens need to eat. And lots of it. So keep their bellies full. Take some snacks with you and plan a nice – preferably instagrammable… – lunch.


Need any other Berlin with teens tips or have some great advice yourself? Be sure to let us know!