Berlin public transportation: best tickets to buy

berlin public transportation
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Berlin is huge. And it is not only a matter of size. Each neighborhood has its uniqueness: Schöneberg is nice to eat, Mitte to shop, Tiergarten and Moabit have beautiful paths to walk, while Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain are the places to go out and party. To get to know Berlin you have to move!! But don’t panic: moving around here is not a problem at all. Germany’s capital has one of the world’s best public transportation, which takes you up to the most remote corners of the city.

To help you on exploring this beloved city, the Amstel House has made a list of tips and Berlin public transportation: the best tickets to buy!

burgermeister1st tip: BUY A TICKET. There are no turnstiles in the transport system. The control is made randomly – for example after the metro’s doors close – and by people dressed normally. Driving black costs 40 €.

2nd tip: MAKE SURE YOU BUY THE RIGHT TICKET. Controllers have no mercy. They don’t care if don’t understand german. So if you buy it wrong they will charge you the 40 € fine.

3rd tip: DON’T FORGET TO STEMP IT. Next to every ticket machine there is a small stamp box. Your ticket is not valid until you stamp it.

The good new is that all types of tickets are valid for all types of transportation (metro, bus, S-bahn, tram or regional train) and you can jump from one to another using the same pass.

Here’s a list of some types of tickets, their prices and benefits:

Berlin Welcome card
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  • Single fare ticket AB (€ 2,70): this is the classic one-way-ticket, valid for 2 hours. It is good if you are planning to go and stay in the same area for the whole day – like sightseeing at the city center for example. Attention! You can only travel with it on one direction. Even ifyou’re still within the two hoursofvalidity, you can notgo backwith the same pass.
  • Day Ticket AB (€ 6,90): If you are planning on traveling more than 2 times in a day it is worth to buy the day ticket. This way you can move around as much as you want. Attention: the day ticket is not valid for 24h, but until 3a.m of the next day!
  • Group day ticket AB (€ 16,90): This is a great deal for groups from 3 to 5 people. Definitely the cheapest way to explore Berlin for a day.
  • Seven day Ticket (€ 29,50): If you are staying in Berlin for a week and planning to wander around, this is the best choice. This ticket is valid from the moment you stamp it until midnight of the seventh day.
  • Single fare ticket ACB (€ 3,30): pretty much every tourist attraction in Berlin is located inside the so called AB area. But if you are planning to visit the castles in Potsdam, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial or is taking a flight at the Schönefeld Airport you will need an ABC ticket.
  • Berlin Welcome Card: available in 48h (€ 19,50), 72h (€ 26,70) and 5 days (€ 34,50), this ticket is specially made for tourists. Besides excess to Berlin public transportation, it comes with a nice guide with many insider tips, map and discounts of up to 50% on more than 200 tourist and cultural highlights. This ticket you can by directly at the Amstel House Reception.