SCHOOL TRIP TO BERLIN – Berlin program and original activities

school trip to berlin - fun activities for students of all ages
A piece of history on every street corner, culture galore and an exciting, cosmopolitan and creative vibes. There’s really no better destination for a school trip than a school trip to Berlin. Berlin has so much to offer that a 2 day school trip is not enough to get to know the real Berlin.

The TV Tower, the Reichstag or Hohenschönhausen Memorial are classics that are on the program list of most school trips. But what else is Berlin made of? What are its hidden gems? And how can your students truly grasp Berlin’s spirit without getting bored on their school trip to Berlin? Therefore, we made a list of activities that will make your school trip to Berlin a lasting and unforgettable experience! And best of all, the Amstel House team can make all the arrangements for you! Because we have been taking good care of school groups for decades.

Get in touch with our lovely and dedicated school groups staff member Alex via [email protected]  for more information and bookings.

Students love this alternative Berlin activity. They discover Berlin in a super exciting way during an interactive city rally. In small groups, they navigate through Berlin’s streets, travel by Berlin’s famous public transport system, climb a lookout point and discover hidden gems. The winning team takes home the award.

Duration: ca 3 hours
Price: € 15.00 (supervisors free)
Timing: Daily
Maximum no. of students: 200

Berlin’s graffiti scene is famous all over the world. So this graffiti workshop will teach them about the origin of street art. Off course, students can have a go themselves and create a spray masterpiece of their own.

Duration: ca 3 hours
Price: € 19.00 (supervisors free)
Timing: Daily
Maximum no. of students: 50

Go on a ‘Wall Bike Tour’ for instance. This 15 km bike tour along the Berlin Wall will teach the students about visible and invisible traces of the Wall. Political backgrounds, but also the human factor of the division between West and East. So it will pass the former border crossing, the students can explore Mauerpark and the Wall Tower.

Duration: ca 3.5 hours
Price: € 16.00 (supervisors free)
Timing: Daily

So let’s talk mouth watering hamburgers. Because our burger chef flips some mean juicy burgers for your students. In addition to a ‘Voice of Berlin’ private karaoke night for your group, and the kids will have all the fun they need for a long time. Also note that participating teachers add to the fun factor.

Price: € 8.00 (supervisors free)
Timing: Daily

Berlin’s clubs and underground scene are a famous attraction, but chances are your students are too young to get in. So now, they can experience a Berlin Club night in the safe surroundings of D-Light because professional door men ensure a strict invite only door policy and alcohol use is controlled.

Price: € 6.50  (supervisors free)
Timing: Tuesdays and Thursdays

***Prices and specifications may change over time, so please contact [email protected] for an update on the Berlin activity program of your preference during your school trip to Berlin***