5 space saving packing hacks

5 tips for packing light

Packing for a trip. Any trip. There are those who are done in 5 minutes. Everything fits in their bag and they never forget a thing. And then there’s the rest of us… Here’s 5 space saving packing hacks that help you save space in your bag and keep everything nice and tidy. Especially convenient if you are only allowed hand luggage. And want to make sure you don’t forget anything? Check our handy packing checklist.

1. Roll it!
Do not fold your clothes. Roll them up! It saves tons of space and they end up looking much prettier and less wrinkled on the other end of your trip!

2. Fill your shoes
Shoes can be bulky. Make bringing that extra pair worthwile by stuffing them with socks and other small items.

3. Jewelry box
A pill box or one of these lovely designed tiny Treasure Tins will store your favourite jewelry safely and you can add some small travel treasures you pick up on the way.

4. Straw necklace
For your necklaces, thread them through a straw before closing. Prevents them from tangling!

5. Contact lens case
If you’re going on a small trip – let’s say a weekend city trip to Berlin for example… – fill up those old lens boxes with your moisturizer and lotion. They lock really well so prevents spillage on the way and it saves you from bringing the whole container.

(Even a small shampoo bottle can ruin your outfits when it opens and leaks in your suitcase. Put a plastic wrap between the bottle and lid before screwing tightly to prevent any leaks.)

Happy Travels! xAmstel Staff