Berlin’s coolest hidden museums

berlin's coolest hidden museums

Yes, exhibitions at the Pergamon Museum, Neues Museum and Museum Island will get most tourists’ attention and money.  But there are a few very interesting museums in Berlin that are under the radar yet definitely worth a visit! Lines will be a lot shorter and you’ll have a unique experience. So join us for a tour of Berlin’s coolest hidden museums and get a dose of off-the-beaten-track culture.

Visit a former East Berlin prison
When Berlin was divided, East Berliners were strictly watched by Big Brother. The former Stasi prison in East Berlin, Hohenschönhausen, is now a museum that gives visitors a thorough insight of what life and repression was like during Berlin’s division. Check ahead for English tours program.

Hohenschönhausen – Genslerstraße 66

Where food and art totally make out
Are you a food fan and want to visit a place where food and art totally make out? Then go and indulge yourself with the Zagreus Projekt. It’s an art gallery where the fine dining is part of the experience. Every two months, founder Ulrich Kraus invites an artist of his liking to create an art installation and then combines it with a fitting menu. Make your reservation well in advance! It’s unique but also very popular.

Zagreus Projekt – Brunnenstraße 9

Let’s go to the movies!
Berlin played a major role in the history of film. Berlin film makers were famous for early iconic films in the horror, science fiction and crime genres. Therefor, they were a big influence on Hollywood. The Deutsche Kinethek museum is Berlin’s contemporary film museum that shows a peek inside the origin of cinema and then takes you all the way into the future of film making.

Deutsche Kinethek – Potsdamer Straße 2