Visiting the in laws and chewing on a nine course Christmas dinner or go on a citytrip to Berlin with friends? Travelling over the holidays can be a bliss and doesn’t have to be expensive, stressful nor busy. Check out these tips for traveling over the holidays and have yourself a merry little adventure!

1. Leave on Christmas Day
While the days just before Christmas are often expensive and busy, Christmas day is not so popular and less expensive, so an ideal day to travel! Visit or invite the family for a simple (but yummie!) Christmas Eve dinner and leave for a guild free trip the next day!

2. Book a city trip for Christmas
The warm far away beaches might seem rather alluring,  but there’s something magical about a cold and cozy Christmas city trip. No Christmas party obligations, but still nostalgia aplenty! Cities like Paris, London, Copenhagen and Berlin light up around Christmas and celebrate in grand style.  Berlin for instance in famous for its Christmas markets and scenic ice skating ranks. Check our our Berlin in winter tips!

3. Learn new holiday traditions
Travelling over the holidays is a great way to learn new holiday traditions. Ask what the traditions are at the hostel you’re staying at. There may be a traditional ‘lighting the Christmas lights’ or a traditional music festival.

4. No stress travel
We’ve talked about stress free travel recently, but the best thing about travelling over the holidays is that there’s literally no stress and nothing to worry about! If you’re working, Christmas is probably the slowest time of year so you won’t have much catching up to do after you return.  Less e-mail, less workload, less stress! And if you’re a student, the Christmas holidays allow you to do some travelling without missing school.

5. Book one nice restaurant in advance
Although we’re all for spontaneous adventure, you might want to check the restaurants in your travel destination and book one for your Christmas dinner.  If Berlin is your destination, we are more than happy to help you find an amazing restaurant that will suit your wishes. Affordable or a little above budget? French, Mexican or local cuisine? Having dinner solo or with a group? Just drop us and e-mail and we’ll sort you!

6. Host a Christmas dinner!
Next to that one special night on the town (#5), why not host a Christmas dinner or pot luck at the hostel and truly live by the Christmas spirit of sharing and caring.  Our kitchen at Amstel House Hostel Berlin is very 2.0 and it allows you to make some great friends, taste other local cuisines and have a great night on a budget! In need for some cooking inspiration? Check out our very easy – but yummy – backpacker recipes and impress the crowd!  We have 4 printable editions of our backpacker cook books. They fit in the back of your pocket and are an endless cooking inspiration!

7. Go local
Go all in and enjoy your Christmas dinner with locals, or experience another local adventure! With Locals and Eat With are great portals that can connect you to wonderful local experiences, making it a much more personal trip!

8. Play games
After a day of city highlights, make it a sport to find the coolest little cafe’s and play a game. Chess, Cards, Monopoly, whatever your prefer. Combined with a nice hot coco or local drink, it will add instant Christmas coziness to your trip!