Best city trip prep

BEST CITY TRIP PREP - make the most of your city trip

Yay! A city trip to Berlin or another awesome city of your choice in the world is on the horizon. You booked your transport and a nice place to stay. And the the pre-fun can start. What are best places to go for brunch? Where to go vintage shopping? What are the city’s creative hidden gems? And where to get that long planned tattoo? Let our travel loving staff give you some tips for the best city trip prep.

1. Consult the experts

We have a favorite list of travel blogs and instagram accounts that we ALWAYS (yes, always) consult before we leave. They did all the work for us and we love them for us. So take for instance Pauline of Petite Passport, a Dutch travel journalist who knows all the best shops, restaurants and places to stay in every city. Or Follow the Vista for when your trips take you to Down Under,  Asia or California.

2. Check your network

Chances are you know someone (who knows someone) that lived in the city you will visit for a while. Or someone who just went there. So put your scrolling time to good use for once. Post your destination on your instagram or facebook and  ask if anyone has tips. It’s in our human nature to help people and look good with our expert knowledge so chances are you will get some good stuff. After all, they’re your friends so they should know what you like.

3. Guides

Yes, old school guides. But with modern tips. Like Wallpaper city guides or LOST iN City Guides. They’re great and full of hidden gems that you would otherwise miss. Oh the FOMO…

4. Create Google Maps

Ok, stating the obvious here. But creating your very own personal Google Maps will help. Here’s why. First, you can share hot spots with your travel partner. Second, you can save all those hot spots in one handy place. And three, if you download you map in your hostel, you can go without wifi the whole day and still find your way as it works offline. Magic huh?

5. Ask the locals

There are numerous websites that offer great experiences with locals. Air BnB experiences is one, With Locals is another. Check what locals recommend in their city. Because they love there, chances are they know best. And if you start with an activity hosted by a local, chance are your trip is going to be much more interesting from there.

Happy travels and hope to greet you in the best looking and most budget friendly hostel in Berlin some day soon! We love to help you with your best city trip prep discover our beautiful city.

xoxo Amstel Staff


Beautiful cover pic by Der Robert