Celebrate Leap Day in Berlin

Celebrate Leap Day in Berlin

Did you hear? It’s Leap Day next week. This means that on Saturday 29 February, international time keepers will give us a whole 24 hours extra this year. So while most people will just let this day slide by, you and I will decide differently. We will make this day count as a gift. We’ve made some suggestions on how to best celebrate Leap Day in Berlin.

And might we add that you can just decide to take this Leap Day any day of this year? It’s extra after all, so there’s no rules that say you cannot ‘postpone’ this bonus day until you get a chance to visit Berlin. Ok, done with the technicalities, let’s celebrate this gifted 366th day of the year already. Three cheers for Leap Day in Berlin.

Foodie extravaganza

Whether you’re an avid instagrammer that likes to let your followers drool over your plates or just a plain old fan of good food, spend your day in Berlin food heaven.

Learn a new trade

What about learning a new skill while you’re in Berlin? There are heaps of fun workshops to be enjoyed; from cooking to screen printing to learning how to make furniture or the perfect lattee. Simply hop onto AirBnB experiences or Eventbrite and see what’s on when you’re in town. Imagine the possibilities! This could be career – even life – changing or just heaps of good old fun!

Celebrate culture

Let’s bring a tribute to culture for 24 hours in every sense of the word.


A day spent on spoiling yourself is a day well spent in our book. So go ahead and book yourself one of these lovely yet affordable wellness treatments in Berlin. You will feel energized for days to come. Thanks us later.

Day trip

Berlin is so much fun that you might forget there are other places worth visiting nearby. From paradise by the beach to amazing summer festivals to a UNESCO world heritage site. They are all within 90 minutes drive from Berlin and well worth the visit. Especially since you have that ‘extra Leap Year day’.

Enjoy your Leap Day in Berlin!

Xoxo Amstel House Staff